the answer to everything is…

(there are lots to choose from)




my maths homework… um- in my bag

no, but i have iced tea 🙂

i’m sorry- my internet chocolate was too fast… can i catch your skateboard in about 58 seconds?

could you repeat the question

i believe it was 70 metres or so

no, not until the ice cream truck comes





( is not responsible for you- stupidly- using these as excuses or as answers to maths tests. they are purely to entertain. if this fails to entertain you, well, um… (catchy catch phrase or something needed)…………. too bad!?)

11 responses to “the answer to everything is…

  1. Hey!

    I just wanted to say that I kept my promise to visit your website and it’s really RANDOM!


  2. Zoe ⋅

    hey there ,

    this is so cool man. I just going thorugh somestuff and i saw this!!!!

    Tots roxs and love the answer of everything.



    keep it up

  3. Palmtree ⋅

    If u keep doing the stuff u’r doing with this everyone’s gonna know about it! 🙂

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