It’s my birthday

Not today… But two days ago!! 😀

My birthday coincided with my family (minus dad, thanks to work) holiday, in Outback Australia. So the last week or so has been spent camel riding, numerous games of “handball rugby” (rugby played with a handball) and walking. And with satellite WiFi offered at a rate of $1/6 minutes, (being slow), I am sitting outside in the Ayers Rock resort typing rather quickly and biting my nails as the timer ticks down unforgivingly.

Please bring a big present (in the form of a comment) if you wish. Actually, it’s required. If you want.


Bored? Whip up something cool in the kitchen, and make it random!

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, sometimes the yummiest things are the easiest!

How about crepes?
Times this recipe by how many people are eating (add a couple more if you have greedy friends/family)!

1 cup plain flour
A few tablespoons of sugar
1/2 an egg
A few tablespoons of milk

Put all the stuff into a blender and whizz up (make sure to put the lid on first!)
It should be quite sloppy, so add more milk if needed.
Heat up a frypan and place 2-3 spoons of butter onto medium heat.
Swirl a thin layer of batter on once the butter is melted.
Flip when bubbles appear on the top. (or when you think it’s ready- you can always give it more time!)
Place cooked crepe onto a big plate and cover with a tea towel to retain heat.
Make more!

* the last few steps take a bit of practice, so just keep all ingredients on hand and continuously whip up some batter! The flipping bit also takes time.