Minor Adjustments

Er… Fellow gobblers, I bring tidings of badness. You recall my motto? WOM? Yes, that one. Well, I’m afraid that we may have to adjust that (and this stupid ‘posh’ accent).

Okay, so have you guys been womming? Heaps? Great. Keep doing so. Actually, don’t.


I must say, I can’t really allow womming if I’ve just revealed who I truly am. What do you think? Comment. Below. Because I can’t reveal myself to everyone. Just my fellow gobblers. Otherwise, who knows? I could end up on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald as “THE G******”. And wouldn’t that be a shame.


chinese fringed hibiscus?

stay tuned, guys, gobbledegok is MAKING AN IMPACT. a blogspot blog called fringed hibiscus (what’s in a name?) have copied our “womwomwomwomwom…etc.” entry and cited it as gobbledegok. yeah.