Are you random enough?

At this stage, probably not. Being random requires quite a bit of randomness in the heart. And you can’t get that by saying ‘I’m random’. Can you?

Ideas for being random:

  • Literally- be random. Let your juices flow. (That sounds really gross, but here at gobbledegok, we keep everything in!). Select everything at random. Use random strings of words that don’t normally work together to describe your emotions.
  • Still not random? You will never be. (sorry, but that’s the way that randomness rolls…)

Imagine a World Without Paper

Wow. HARD!

I mean, okay, so there’d be none of the obvious stuff (ie. Printing paper)

I’m sitting in my kitchen, currently, and counting all the stuff that uses paper. Ready?

  1. 13 paintings by my brother
  2. A stack of printing paper on the table
  3. Cardboard stashed under cupboard
  4. Bookmark (in book)
  5. Book
  6. Labels (x6) on wine bottles
  7. Flour (paper packaging)
  8. Post-it stuck on fridge
  9. Sunday papers
  10. Dad’s father’s day card
  11. Dad’s father’s day gifts’ wrapping paper
  12. cardboard bag that dad’s gift came in
  13. Countless books
  14. paper bag bread came in

and so it goes on…

I know I’ve shared this before, but click the link– it’s pretty awesome.