I feel like greeting you, readers, for I haven’t written in what seems like a long enough time to greet, I suppose. So, what’s up? How are your lives? Mine? Ah, you want to know why I haven’t written. Well… Let’s take a little flashback to the life of The Gobbler.

My strengths. Blogging. Saving the world. Typing at super-sonic-speed. Practically everything else. Except jumping over hurdles. That, I fail. And what is listed below:

My weaknesses. Lack of Wi-Fi.

Yes, Wi-Fi. I’ve been disconnected due to the fact that I had no Wi-Fi for at least… a week or so. Aaaah! My life was in crisis mode. But now it’s all fixed (as you can tell).

Comment with any suggestions if possible.


The curse of the secret identity

Ah,yes… I do want to talk about superheroes.

No! It’s not an obsession… Moving on…

Superheroes: they all live double lives, don’t they? Take the Gobbler, for example. I live a life. Basically the same as any other early-teen child. But as the Gobbler, I can be other things. I can be… an author (hello? You’re reading… Something written by me), a skateboarder. You get the gist.

So, why is it that we have secret identities? Is it to hide beneath a shadow that nobody can reveal (minus taking off your mask… cheaters…)? No. We’re brave and strong. We don’t care about hiding. Well, we do but…

So why? It’s not to hide, nor to be ‘cool’ (who does that?). It’s so that we can lead another life. Do things other than save the world. Am I just quoting The Incredibles now? Sorry.

But do you get it? Good. This was meant to inform you, you know…