the biggest winner

who likes to win stuff?

FREE stuff?

Yeah, you…

no, no, no, no!!

you with the fangly- dangly bracelets.

yaaaaaaaah you!!

what? you forgot what you were going to say????

oh well. we just wanted to say…. um……. forget it. stop reading this post NOW. (that includes the full stop otherwise you would be abiding grammar and punctuation rules which would disgracefully lead to a fault in this post probably pointed out by… you’re still reading? Okay, let’s keep going)

Moving on, free stuff. From hugs to handmade birthday cards (and yes, I realise that the maker has to buy some supplies for birthday cards…. but you get the message), free stuff is awesome. Usually filled with love and all that other mushy mushy mushy stuff. But it means something. It isn’t just a random bundle of spongebags (I mean, colourful toiletry bags…) and a DIY kit that gets stashed into your “Craft” drawer (stuff you never want to ever see again…). So the next time you see someone, shoot them a smile, say “Hi”, give them a meaningful bear hug.