Superhero thing outdated?!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculed a little about my obsession with superheroes. 😦

So here’s proof that they ARE totally awesome (and I mean TOTALLY awesome…):

They’re good-looking! (Come on…)

Seriously- they’re tall, strong, handsome…

And will save your life (bonus!)


Er… That’s a bit awkward…

They portray women as strong, intelligent… And able to step out of the olden-days stereotype of girls to play with ‘dolls’…

Want more proof? They’re cool. Really cool. They fight crime, have awesome weapons and NEVER, EVER fail.





Minor Adjustments

Er… Fellow gobblers, I bring tidings of badness. You recall my motto? WOM? Yes, that one. Well, I’m afraid that we may have to adjust that (and this stupid ‘posh’ accent).

Okay, so have you guys been womming? Heaps? Great. Keep doing so. Actually, don’t.


I must say, I can’t really allow womming if I’ve just revealed who I truly am. What do you think? Comment. Below. Because I can’t reveal myself to everyone. Just my fellow gobblers. Otherwise, who knows? I could end up on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald as “THE G******”. And wouldn’t that be a shame.

It’s time.

Sorry for not revealing myself anytime sooner. I hadn’t realized that you guys didn’t know. Really, really sorry… But I’ll make it up by telling you the whole, full truth. Here goes nothing:

I was sitting at school, half asleep while grammar lessons on appropriate use of commas flew past with wings full of holes (very slowly), when something hit me: I was the one. The chosen one. I mean, how could I not be the one? With my charming, beautiful looks; my elite blogging skills; my incredibly rare love of bottle tops and Pearl Jam and my understated clumsiness, I had to be the one. And it was then that a light shone above me and revealed my true colours (rather pale pink skin). I was the one. A swarm of funny-looking stick figures resembling my own drawings on comicaday beautifully, handed me a black cape with a red “G” on it. And a red eye mask that superheroes wear (not when they go to sleep, when they work…). When I put these on, I was super. I was… (drum roll) THE GOBBLER!!!!!! able to leap tall buildings (given plenty of notice and a tall cherry-picker), able to leave the world astounded at my blogging and able to conquer autocorrect with my strange spelling…

And that’s who I am!