Apple Creates iTime- the Future of Apple Computers, Inc.

Apple has re-invented the computer, the phone, the MP3 player and the tablet (from a medicine pill to a computer). In fact, they’ve even re-invented the letter “i”, turning it into a prefix for almost anything. “Hey, where’s my i-Thing?”

So what is the future of Apple Computers, Inc.? Here are some outlandish ideas:

* iTime- time-travelling that takes you back to when an “Apple” was either what people associated with the letter “A” when talking to children, or something that you actually ate (~Gasp!~ you ATE an APPLE?!)

* the iDoor- a door that opens to voice-recognition, and displays your emails on it’s 6ft x 3ft LCD touchscreen. Now you won’t mind hanging around at somebody’s doorstep!

* the iPhone Shuffle- need we say more than “randomize your social life”?

* the iApple- an apple (fruit) that has been remodelled into a touchscreen device that is constantly ready to provide you with delicious, additive and preservative added, juice though an easy-to-use straw that uses new technology to defy gravity and bring the juice straight to your mouth

* the iPoo- a toilet that flushes (Wow!) automatically! (Hey, hasn’t Japan already thought of that?! Copycat.)

* the iThink- a small, 2.3 kg helmet that attaches to your head (no other setup required) and allows you to forget about thinking! Our official robots will take over your life!

* the iLike- a button that attaches to your wrist and, every time you see something that you “Like”, you can press it. (Oh, we forgot. This is AFTER Apple takes over the world and buys every company globally (except Kwik- E- Mart, because Apu does such a bad job of running it that nobody likes it anyway) including Facebook).

* the iEat- a machine that attaches in a bib-like fashion to your front and feeds you whatever is in front of you. (There have been some concerns due to minor kinks in the device, please restrain from sitting in front of anything valuable, poisonous or extremely spiky)

And that’s my prediction of Apple’s future.