The curse of the secret identity

Ah,yes… I do want to talk about superheroes.

No! It’s not an obsession… Moving on…

Superheroes: they all live double lives, don’t they? Take the Gobbler, for example. I live a life. Basically the same as any other early-teen child. But as the Gobbler, I can be other things. I can be… an author (hello? You’re reading… Something written by me), a skateboarder. You get the gist.

So, why is it that we have secret identities? Is it to hide beneath a shadow that nobody can reveal (minus taking off your mask… cheaters…)? No. We’re brave and strong. We don’t care about hiding. Well, we do but…

So why? It’s not to hide, nor to be ‘cool’ (who does that?). It’s so that we can lead another life. Do things other than save the world. Am I just quoting The Incredibles now? Sorry.

But do you get it? Good. This was meant to inform you, you know…


Superhero thing outdated?!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculed a little about my obsession with superheroes. 😦

So here’s proof that they ARE totally awesome (and I mean TOTALLY awesome…):

They’re good-looking! (Come on…)

Seriously- they’re tall, strong, handsome…

And will save your life (bonus!)


Er… That’s a bit awkward…

They portray women as strong, intelligent… And able to step out of the olden-days stereotype of girls to play with ‘dolls’…

Want more proof? They’re cool. Really cool. They fight crime, have awesome weapons and NEVER, EVER fail.




Are you random enough?

At this stage, probably not. Being random requires quite a bit of randomness in the heart. And you can’t get that by saying ‘I’m random’. Can you?

Ideas for being random:

  • Literally- be random. Let your juices flow. (That sounds really gross, but here at gobbledegok, we keep everything in!). Select everything at random. Use random strings of words that don’t normally work together to describe your emotions.
  • Still not random? You will never be. (sorry, but that’s the way that randomness rolls…)

Imagine a World Without Paper

Wow. HARD!

I mean, okay, so there’d be none of the obvious stuff (ie. Printing paper)

I’m sitting in my kitchen, currently, and counting all the stuff that uses paper. Ready?

  1. 13 paintings by my brother
  2. A stack of printing paper on the table
  3. Cardboard stashed under cupboard
  4. Bookmark (in book)
  5. Book
  6. Labels (x6) on wine bottles
  7. Flour (paper packaging)
  8. Post-it stuck on fridge
  9. Sunday papers
  10. Dad’s father’s day card
  11. Dad’s father’s day gifts’ wrapping paper
  12. cardboard bag that dad’s gift came in
  13. Countless books
  14. paper bag bread came in

and so it goes on…

I know I’ve shared this before, but click the link– it’s pretty awesome.


World IPv6 Confusion…

There’s been a bit of buzz about “World IPv6 Day”- and for all you gobblers who are very confused…

[raise hand here]

“Wow- that’s a lot of raised hands. Okay, let’s explain”


Internet is very big. Lots of websites like gobbledegok. Soon we will run out of dot coms. So we need to make some more. IPv6 will make more website dot coms available. So then the Internet will be way bigger. And we can have more dot coms.

And that’s what we’re celebrating.