stuff to do with pom- poms

are you ever faced with the situation that you have a bag of pom- poms but forgot what to do with them, or just have them lying around for no apparent reason? well, we felt that way recently and decided to post some ideas…

stick them together into a massive pom- pom ball and show it to your friends (they’ll be impressed)

make winter flip- flops by gluing them onto your old shoes and ta- da! instant winter flip- flops!

make your pet an updated collar- but make sure to remove the collar first… gluey pets are not very nice!

or, maybe (using the pet collar idea) make yourself a choker, bracelet or anklet with a piece of ribbon

you could also glue them onto the frames of some old (or cheap) sunglasses for some um, original, specs!

comment on any other ideas you have below, we welcome ALL suggestions