Self control.

Alright. Welcome back. I have a little, *ahem*, experiment for you. So here goes:

1. Place a lolly in your mouth (one that you can crunch but are meant to suck, i.e. hard caramel lollies).

2. Tell yourself, “I won’t bite it.”.

3. Do something distracting, i.e. surfing the internet (and we all know HOW distracting that is…)

You ate it. You did. Why? No idea, you say? Try again. And again. It will get easier, the more you try (or maybe you’re sick of that particular lolly by now…).

Why don’t we have self control? (And, yes, I say ‘we’ because I am a culprit. That’s what made me think of the post.). Comment. (That’s not the answer to my rhetorical question…)