Pick a number, any number…

Isn’t it weird? You say “random”, when really you mean “chosen”.

Let’s say you’re in a maths exam. Okay, and you can’t think of the answer. 30 seconds to go, and you look at the question- ‘How many chocolates of 4x3x2 volume could fit into a box that is 16x9x10 volume?’ So you go, um, well, ‘4 into 16 goes 4, um… then 3 into 9 goes 3… and 2 goes to 10 5 times….” And you’ve got 5 seconds. Literally. And there’s no time to add up the answers. So you sort of think of a general idea. And you come up with 15. Scrawled, almost illiterately over the page.

So, the real answer was 12. You came sort of close. But, coming out of the exam, you say, “Did anyone get the last question? I just put down something random…” Kinda kinky, isn’t it?


World IPv6 Confusion…

There’s been a bit of buzz about “World IPv6 Day”- and for all you gobblers who are very confused…

[raise hand here]

“Wow- that’s a lot of raised hands. Okay, let’s explain”


Internet is very big. Lots of websites like gobbledegok. Soon we will run out of dot coms. So we need to make some more. IPv6 will make more website dot coms available. So then the Internet will be way bigger. And we can have more dot coms.

And that’s what we’re celebrating.