Do you know what?

Yes, we’re back. With a couple of new ideas. So, we’re going back to the heart of Gobbledegok. Back to what it used to be. An innocent kid’s expression of randomness. As of that, I’ve changed the theme – and made it more playful, and random. Yes. I LOVE Mac OSX, but feel that as this site isn’t about computing etc., it doesn’t deserve such.

So, here’s the randomness you’ve waited for:

GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, message terminated.

Superhero thing outdated?!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculed a little about my obsession with superheroes. 😦

So here’s proof that they ARE totally awesome (and I mean TOTALLY awesome…):

They’re good-looking! (Come on…)

Seriously- they’re tall, strong, handsome…

And will save your life (bonus!)


Er… That’s a bit awkward…

They portray women as strong, intelligent… And able to step out of the olden-days stereotype of girls to play with ‘dolls’…

Want more proof? They’re cool. Really cool. They fight crime, have awesome weapons and NEVER, EVER fail.




Minor Adjustments

Er… Fellow gobblers, I bring tidings of badness. You recall my motto? WOM? Yes, that one. Well, I’m afraid that we may have to adjust that (and this stupid ‘posh’ accent).

Okay, so have you guys been womming? Heaps? Great. Keep doing so. Actually, don’t.


I must say, I can’t really allow womming if I’ve just revealed who I truly am. What do you think? Comment. Below. Because I can’t reveal myself to everyone. Just my fellow gobblers. Otherwise, who knows? I could end up on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald as “THE G******”. And wouldn’t that be a shame.

You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

Oh yes, thank you, random generator of post ideas. This is perfect. Oh yes.

This one’s for you, Casper (family pet cat): You will die from gluttony (to be precise, 245339 boxes of kibbles later (from now))

And for you, random Twitter follower who has 0 followers: You will never have any followers.

To anyone playing a ukelele at this precise moment (including you, Eddie Vedder): Your instrument has a finite following.

To somebody eating a banana in Iceland at approximately 23.29 h on the evening of the 24th of August next year: Why are you doing so?

To the guy that decided to call Apple software names of harmless animals (minus the Lion): They’re all carnivores, they don’t like Apples… (computer or fruit), and P.S.- have you ever even tried typing with paws? Thought not…

To the guy that decided on this “random post idea”: You take out the boredom in my life with your colourful stimuli!

To myself: You rock for eternity*


* Fortune cookie makers, please put that in mine…


Imagine a World Without Paper

Wow. HARD!

I mean, okay, so there’d be none of the obvious stuff (ie. Printing paper)

I’m sitting in my kitchen, currently, and counting all the stuff that uses paper. Ready?

  1. 13 paintings by my brother
  2. A stack of printing paper on the table
  3. Cardboard stashed under cupboard
  4. Bookmark (in book)
  5. Book
  6. Labels (x6) on wine bottles
  7. Flour (paper packaging)
  8. Post-it stuck on fridge
  9. Sunday papers
  10. Dad’s father’s day card
  11. Dad’s father’s day gifts’ wrapping paper
  12. cardboard bag that dad’s gift came in
  13. Countless books
  14. paper bag bread came in

and so it goes on…

I know I’ve shared this before, but click the link– it’s pretty awesome.