okay, so while EVERYONE knows that is 100% randomly awesome, some people need suggestions on where to go on it. well- problem solved!

here’s a bunch of ideas to click on:

our latest posts and ideas (try clicking the massive ‘GOBBLEDEGOK’- our most recent post will be at the very top of the page)

our ‘random facts’ (under the ‘random facts’ page)

send us a comment- we will most likely reply to any constructive (or awesome) feedback within one week


if you are just so bored and 100% BORING, why not try looking under our (stuff to do with…)

so have a random stay at!


2 responses to “suggestions…

  1. Palmtree ⋅

    My suggestion is: that u should add some interactive stuff instead of just writing! plz reply to this so i can get feedback from u and your group

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