Do you know what?

Yes, we’re back. With a couple of new ideas. So, we’re going back to the heart of Gobbledegok. Back to what it used to be. An innocent kid’s expression of randomness. As of that, I’ve changed the theme – and made it more playful, and random. Yes. I LOVE Mac OSX, but feel that as this site isn’t about computing etc., it doesn’t deserve such.

So, here’s the randomness you’ve waited for:

GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, message terminated.


Quite sad.

All good things must come to an end, though. From now on, gobbledegok will not have any posts for at least a while. Why? Well, I felt like gobbledegok ended up like a mashup of all my other blogs. So I’ve… given it a little break. I know this is just after the 100th post, but here are my other blogs (I swear, gobbledegok will be up and running soon, maybe just a different domain!)

Please, “Follow” us and check for updates – I swear, the random superheroeness (I don’t care that that’s not a word) will BE BACK!!!!!!!
Comment please! What do you think?

100th POST!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. The big 1-0-0! (Colloquial – one, oh, oh)

And you’ve been waiting a while. A long while. (Why? Because… not enough people did the survey on #98. But then enough people did. So here goes…)

Well, here’s some new stuff: Notice the theme? I was told not to change it, but we’ll see how the new one goes. (With the theme, please scroll down (i know there are a lot of ‘pages’ on the right hand side) but scroll down to view tags, hits and more!).

And what else? Well, from now on, comment on my last post about what you want next. Remember, gobbledegok is an all-star. We’ll write anything and everything (besides… inappropriate things). But just comment on the last post and… be prepared.

And that’s basically it… I think… Exciting, right?


This post will be quite short, however I was planning on publishing the 100th post on the 1st of October (today), but with no responses to #99, I can’t. This is because I need feedback, people! Feedback on how I should change this site. So please, over the long weekend, visit gobbledegok. Complete the form. Tell your friends to. And then we can unveil #100. Okay?*


*Oh, and here are some thoughts regarding themes:


“Clean Home”