True, true.

Is it fair to say that we should be doing our homework when we are on the Internet?


So is it fair to say that the Internet is a waste of time?


Well, is it?

The original idea was to provide a source of information on the ‘World Wide Web’. And what’s it become? A mess of Facebook and mindless blogs that warble on about… well, this sort of thing, which is a bit contradictory but… whatever (true fact – that word will get anybody out of anything, especially teenagers). 

And what do you think now?


Comment if you wish.

The curse of the secret identity

Ah,yes… I do want to talk about superheroes.

No! It’s not an obsession… Moving on…

Superheroes: they all live double lives, don’t they? Take the Gobbler, for example. I live a life. Basically the same as any other early-teen child. But as the Gobbler, I can be other things. I can be… an author (hello? You’re reading… Something written by me), a skateboarder. You get the gist.

So, why is it that we have secret identities? Is it to hide beneath a shadow that nobody can reveal (minus taking off your mask… cheaters…)? No. We’re brave and strong. We don’t care about hiding. Well, we do but…

So why? It’s not to hide, nor to be ‘cool’ (who does that?). It’s so that we can lead another life. Do things other than save the world. Am I just quoting The Incredibles now? Sorry.

But do you get it? Good. This was meant to inform you, you know…

Missed Gobbledegok?

Have you missed out on your near-constant humorous entries which contain tales of superheroes and other slightly random things? Possibly. Well, worry not. Gobbledegok is striving to write more. But, dearest readers, please realise that I have a life. And other blogs to tend to – to water, feed and love. (Cheesiness alert: 110% Overload.).

So, expect more. And more. Thanks guys 🙂