40 hour famine

It's almost over, but please donate! (Every 50c or more counts!!!!!)
click here If not, try this (sort of long- winded) alternate route:
2. Look at the top left corner, and look across the small white capital- letter titles. Click the one that says “Community” (or click here)
3. Look at the four rectangles in the centre, and the bottom- left says “Find your Friends” (in yellow font on a blue box)
4. See the box saying “Filter by”- scroll down and select “Organisation”
5. In the box below, type in “Ascham”
6. Click “search”
7. On my computer, my name is third on the first page of names, if it isn’t on yours, it is “IssyAK” and will be on one of the three pages.
8. Click on my name’s link (IssyAK) – I have tried to link it here
9. The big red font saying “Donate to Me” should lead to a way of entering your (parents) credit card to donate money (it is also linked here, as at the top)

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