disobedient guy who clicked on the “do not click” page. who does that? sheesh… is it just us or are people these days deaf ….

oh well. you clicked. and there’s no turning back now. DON’T TURN BACK NOW!!

for all of you that are left- yeah, you… well, we’re the awesome ones here. we’re the ones who actually listen. we’re the ones who…. oh, what the _____, this page is just rambling on and we’re losing people out the back doo- “SANTA WON’T BE STOPPING AT YOUR HOUSE!- weirdos” and anyway, who are we kidding…..

here are some links. have fun without gobbledegok:



6 responses to “DO NOT CLICK

  1. Palmtree ⋅

    i clicked on this page that says do not click. it’s interesting how people make these blogs:)

  2. What was it Oscar Wilde said… I can resist everything but temptation…? He woulda clicked, too… : )

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