The curse of the secret identity

Ah,yes… I do want to talk about superheroes.

No! It’s not an obsession… Moving on…

Superheroes: they all live double lives, don’t they? Take the Gobbler, for example. I live a life. Basically the same as any other early-teen child. But as the Gobbler, I can be other things. I can be… an author (hello? You’re reading… Something written by me), a skateboarder. You get the gist.

So, why is it that we have secret identities? Is it to hide beneath a shadow that nobody can reveal (minus taking off your mask… cheaters…)? No. We’re brave and strong. We don’t care about hiding. Well, we do but…

So why? It’s not to hide, nor to be ‘cool’ (who does that?). It’s so that we can lead another life. Do things other than save the world. Am I just quoting The Incredibles now? Sorry.

But do you get it? Good. This was meant to inform you, you know…


Superhero Sidekick help

So, one post down I did a whole thing on Boredom Cures. But left out superheroes- I knew it would take up a lot of space, so put it into it’s own… Here are some activities to build your power and become super from within (and without):

  • Got a name? Costume? Full fake identity? Let’s go, then.
  • One more thing to check off the list- a sidekick. Usually not too hard to find, a sibling or friend will be sufficient. Give them a name that reflects you more than them. And a costume that is like yours, but not as cool. And make sure you can trust them by doing a small ‘test’ (write out what follows ~minus the answers~ and get them to fill in the gaps.

Who is the coolest person in the world? ____________ (Correct answer: your name)

Why are they so cool? _____ _______ ______ (Correct answer: at least three of your best traits must be listed)

Do you want to be exactly like them? __________ (Correct answer: Yes. Bonus Points: Yes, but not exactly because they are them better than I am them)

What is your one motive? ___________________ (Correct answer: Either- working for my super boss, or whatever you fight for (world peace, killing all bad guys… you name it.)

Do you want to be a sidekick? __________ (Correct answer: No (Just kidding, it’s “YES”))

(For this part of the test, get them to make you your favourite sandwich. This is a very, very important role of the sidekick. Score it out of 10: 3 points for cutting it your favourite style; 3 points for the actual filling and bread to your preferences; 2 points for how it tastes; and 2 point for being nicely presented.)

Now, add it all up. Here’s how they’ll go:

  1. (out of 15) – No. No. No.
  2. (out of 15) – If they’re the last person on earth, no.
  3. (out of 15) – You’d be better off with nothing, but if you must…
  4. (out of 15) – Er… Do what you think’s best…
  5. (out of 15) – Not top-notch, but will probably be okay
  6. (out of 15) – Could be better, but not too bad.
  7. (out of 15) – Well, sounds alright!
  8. (out of 15) – Oh yeah!
  9. (out of 15) – Could you ask for anything better? (Screw that last point!)
  10. (out of 15) – Are you sure? If they really got this, stop reading and get moving! Now.


  • Got your sidekick? You should. Now you need to test their brain capacity. Do some memory games, or stuff like: “A man goes into town on Friday, stays in town for three days, and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?” (His horse is called Friday). There are lots of online IQ tests and Apps too, so check them out.
  • If they aren’t intelligently inclined, what about physical strength? Lift some weights, go for a run… See how they cope.
  • Last but not least… Fight crime! (or whatever your motive is.)
I’ll be back… Soon… (with more superhero stuff)

Superhero thing outdated?!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculed a little about my obsession with superheroes. 😦

So here’s proof that they ARE totally awesome (and I mean TOTALLY awesome…):

They’re good-looking! (Come on…)

Seriously- they’re tall, strong, handsome…

And will save your life (bonus!)


Er… That’s a bit awkward…

They portray women as strong, intelligent… And able to step out of the olden-days stereotype of girls to play with ‘dolls’…

Want more proof? They’re cool. Really cool. They fight crime, have awesome weapons and NEVER, EVER fail.