Star Wars.

2001: A Space Odyssey


Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings


I trust you all enough to publicly state that I dislike Harry Potter…


Missed Gobbledegok?

Have you missed out on your near-constant humorous entries which contain tales of superheroes and other slightly random things? Possibly. Well, worry not. Gobbledegok is striving to write more. But, dearest readers, please realise that I have a life. And other blogs to tend to – to water, feed and love. (Cheesiness alert: 110% Overload.).

So, expect more. And more. Thanks guys 🙂

Quite sad.

All good things must come to an end, though. From now on, gobbledegok will not have any posts for at least a while. Why? Well, I felt like gobbledegok ended up like a mashup of all my other blogs. So I’ve… given it a little break. I know this is just after the 100th post, but here are my other blogs (I swear, gobbledegok will be up and running soon, maybe just a different domain!)

Please, “Follow” us and check for updates – I swear, the random superheroeness (I don’t care that that’s not a word) will BE BACK!!!!!!!
Comment please! What do you think?