randomness has left the building. REPEAT – randomness has left the building. we’re losing our background. gobbledegok is about randomness. total randomness. so let’s re-kick it off!

with the…

(drum roll).

WORD-A-MAKER-INATOR (I believe I’ve acquired dr. doofinschmirzes’ ‘thing’ of adding ‘inator’ to the end of EVERYTHING):

pick a base word. be it ‘fluff’, ‘what’ or ‘cupboard’.

add to the beginning with one of these options:

‘de’ ‘anti’ ‘wa’ ‘loht’

and to the end…

‘ist’ ‘get’ ‘pool’

pop an ümlad on the top of something.

add an æwesome little something

and a littlê áçčēñtïńg…

now all you need to do is add it to the Oxford dictionary! (Please, email oxfordcolloquialdictionary@gmail.com)


Are you random enough?

At this stage, probably not. Being random requires quite a bit of randomness in the heart. And you can’t get that by saying ‘I’m random’. Can you?

Ideas for being random:

  • Literally- be random. Let your juices flow. (That sounds really gross, but here at gobbledegok, we keep everything in!). Select everything at random. Use random strings of words that don’t normally work together to describe your emotions.
  • Still not random? You will never be. (sorry, but that’s the way that randomness rolls…)


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? (A while since what, you ask?)

A while since we’ve wheeled out the crusty, rusty old Word- A – Ma- Thing-A-Jig-2000 (the name changes with time).

So here it is. Make a word using the rather easy steps…

  1. Pick a base word (I’m going with “Cheese”)
  2. Pick a funny word (Let’s say “Pop”, so now it’s “Cheesepop”)
  3. Pick a prefix (I will say “un”, making the word “Uncheesepop”)
Repeat for laffs! (Laughs)