Star Wars.

2001: A Space Odyssey


Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings


I trust you all enough to publicly state that I dislike Harry Potter…


Retro is the new, well, retro

To celebrate… Something. (Let’s just say, the last post in a long time), I’m going back old-school. Back to the VERTIGO theme (I love it). Back to the clumsy typing and carefree attitude (forget this post, it’s a bit of a theoretical outline so it doesn’t count), back to the randomness that a random blog should be. Enjoy Superhero stuff, awesomeness and the random word generator 🙂


randomness has left the building. REPEAT – randomness has left the building. we’re losing our background. gobbledegok is about randomness. total randomness. so let’s re-kick it off!

with the…

(drum roll).

WORD-A-MAKER-INATOR (I believe I’ve acquired dr. doofinschmirzes’ ‘thing’ of adding ‘inator’ to the end of EVERYTHING):

pick a base word. be it ‘fluff’, ‘what’ or ‘cupboard’.

add to the beginning with one of these options:

‘de’ ‘anti’ ‘wa’ ‘loht’

and to the end…

‘ist’ ‘get’ ‘pool’

pop an ümlad on the top of something.

add an æwesome little something

and a littlê áçčēñtïńg…

now all you need to do is add it to the Oxford dictionary! (Please, email


I feel like greeting you, readers, for I haven’t written in what seems like a long enough time to greet, I suppose. So, what’s up? How are your lives? Mine? Ah, you want to know why I haven’t written. Well… Let’s take a little flashback to the life of The Gobbler.

My strengths. Blogging. Saving the world. Typing at super-sonic-speed. Practically everything else. Except jumping over hurdles. That, I fail. And what is listed below:

My weaknesses. Lack of Wi-Fi.

Yes, Wi-Fi. I’ve been disconnected due to the fact that I had no Wi-Fi for at least… a week or so. Aaaah! My life was in crisis mode. But now it’s all fixed (as you can tell).

Comment with any suggestions if possible.

Self control.

Alright. Welcome back. I have a little, *ahem*, experiment for you. So here goes:

1. Place a lolly in your mouth (one that you can crunch but are meant to suck, i.e. hard caramel lollies).

2. Tell yourself, “I won’t bite it.”.

3. Do something distracting, i.e. surfing the internet (and we all know HOW distracting that is…)

You ate it. You did. Why? No idea, you say? Try again. And again. It will get easier, the more you try (or maybe you’re sick of that particular lolly by now…).

Why don’t we have self control? (And, yes, I say ‘we’ because I am a culprit. That’s what made me think of the post.). Comment. (That’s not the answer to my rhetorical question…)