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Retro is the new, well, retro

To celebrate… Something. (Let’s just say, the last post in a long time), I’m going back old-school. Back to the VERTIGO theme (I love it). Back to the clumsy typing and carefree attitude (forget this post, it’s a bit of a theoretical outline so it doesn’t count), back to the randomness that a random blog should be. Enjoy Superhero stuff, awesomeness and the random word generator 🙂


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8 responses to “Retro is the new, well, retro

  1. Choops ⋅

    if a randomness needs a generator then can it be random?

  2. histoyromp (aka Polly Pocket) ⋅

    I love your website:

  3. musicismyeverything ⋅

    ❤ your websites. Follow mine? (hi its neg)

  4. Retro is good.

    So is 99.9% fat-free randomness!! : )

    • iskeith

      Thank you! I’m afraid I’ve lost a bit of interest in this blog now, I’m sort of running out of ideas that correspond with it. But I like your blog – it’s great! 🙂

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