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randomness has left the building. REPEAT – randomness has left the building. we’re losing our background. gobbledegok is about randomness. total randomness. so let’s re-kick it off!

with the…

(drum roll).

WORD-A-MAKER-INATOR (I believe I’ve acquired dr. doofinschmirzes’ ‘thing’ of adding ‘inator’ to the end of EVERYTHING):

pick a base word. be it ‘fluff’, ‘what’ or ‘cupboard’.

add to the beginning with one of these options:

‘de’ ‘anti’ ‘wa’ ‘loht’

and to the end…

‘ist’ ‘get’ ‘pool’

pop an ümlad on the top of something.

add an æwesome little something

and a littlê áçčēñtïńg…

now all you need to do is add it to the Oxford dictionary! (Please, email


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7 responses to “Ah-hem!

  1. Antidæpòtpoôl – that’s what I got

  2. Hm. Nice work. Email the meaning and your new word to ‘’. I don’t think it’s official, but it’s all over the internet. And apparently the emails also get forwarded to Oxford Dictionary!

  3. Greetings to my doppelgänger! Wait a sec. Maybe that’s me! Ahh, no matter! I stopped by to say howdy and to give you my gobbledygookedy word for the OED:


    I just bought winter coats for my 2 wee dogs (well, jackets really, but I digress), so you can see my base word is…COAT! Now for that email….

    Fun post and great blog!!

    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by, dopplegänger. Also, I love that you use ‘book_gobbler’ in your email address. Sometimes on this blog, I blog… about superheroes. ‘The Gobbler’ is my secret identity (besides being called ‘gobbledegok’ online…).

      Thank you for the subscription. I believe I am subscribed to you? Shoot me if not. xx

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