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Superhero thing outdated?!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculed a little about my obsession with superheroes. 😦

So here’s proof that they ARE totally awesome (and I mean TOTALLY awesome…):

They’re good-looking! (Come on…)

Seriously- they’re tall, strong, handsome…

And will save your life (bonus!)


Er… That’s a bit awkward…

They portray women as strong, intelligent… And able to step out of the olden-days stereotype of girls to play with ‘dolls’…

Want more proof? They’re cool. Really cool. They fight crime, have awesome weapons and NEVER, EVER fail.





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7 responses to “Superhero thing outdated?!

  1. Choops ⋅

    never, ever fail – well while Frozone never lets you down, do we really trust the most sinister of superheroes, JackJack?

  2. ultimatehowtoauthor ⋅

    superheroes might be living in the world as we know it, saving our lives without even knowing it! so there. but seriously, gobbledegok. they’re a BIT outdated. not that much…just a bit.

  3. I wouldn’t call them outdated at all. Some of them, slightly unreliable. Others, completely reliable!

  4. I agree with you in the way that supewoman encourage feminisim for other normal woman… Good point!!

  5. I suggest that we’re all superheroes and if anyone says we’re not, well that’s just mean. So I say up, up and way all you Olly Optimists!

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