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calculators are cool

No, I wasn’t being sarcastic.

There are some cool things that you can do with a calculator.

Ready? [if you don’t have one, try going here]

okay, so if you get someone to pick a number between 1 and 9 without showing you

now get them to use a calculator to multiply it by nine, and then multiply that by 12,345,679 (forget the eight!)

have the person show you their result, and tell them their original number. If they said 5, their number will be 555,555,555! you are smart

  1. Have someone pick a number between 1 and 9.
  2. Now have him use a calculator to first multiply it by 9, and then multiply it by 12,345,679 (notice there is no 8 in that number!).
  3. Have the person show you the result so you can tell him the original number he selected! How? Easy. If he selected 5, the final answer is 555,555,555. If he selected 3, the final answer is 333,333,333. The reason: 9 x 12345679 = 111111111. You multiplied your digit by 111111111. (By the way, that 8-digit number (12,345,679) is easily memorized: only the 8 is missing from the sequence.)

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