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New theme?

Yes, over the weeks/months/years/centuries (or whatever amount of time it’s been…), we’ve had a few changes ’round here. Good ‘ol ‘oldies might remember when we didn’t get how to change the theme, and were stuck with “Twenty Eleven”. Next up was “Greyzed”, followed by the (slightly lighter) “Beach Theme”. We jumped back to black (quote on quote AC/DC), with “Vertigo”- problem being the rather irritating bottom-of-page orientated titles. Urgh. You had to scroll all the way down just to really do anything… So now, we’ve got the great new one (whose name has just escaped me…)- and it’s great- orange on black. (Reckon we should keep it for Halloween?!) Comment if you: love or hate it, think it’s okay, or… if you have another emotion to express…


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5 responses to “New theme?

  1. john ⋅

    Anyone interested in the insights of an intrepid, inquiring and challenging mind should frequently read this site!

  2. hey! you actually looked! thanks dad!

  3. I mean john*

    *Any relation to persons living or dead is completely incoincidental, I realise that isn’t a word and I also realise that there are many people who are called john but…. oh well, I can’t write fine print anyway….

  4. ultimatehowtoauthor ⋅

    Hey, I like the new theme! It’s pretty cook. Plus, the orange could be mistaken for red at first sight!

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